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When it comes to the gadgets they want, the people show that they have passed the moment when they only ran after smart phones (let's not think, however, that we are no longer interested in having in our pockets the latest flagships of foreign manufacturers - the rate exchange rate varies between 6 months and 2 years).

A gadget is your passport to new useful and captivating experiences. Whether you want a smartwatch that completes your outfit and helps you achieve your daily goals, or you choose a fitness bracelet as a personal trainer or a pair of VR glasses for fantastic visits to virtual worlds, here you will find them all.

Not infrequently, the question has arisen that technology and artificial intelligence will transform our world into one detached from SF movies and that's right, that's the future. But there are some inventions that still do not make sense, because we are not necessarily prepared for them.


So, last year, the demand for gadgets such as fit bracelets, streaming media devices, drones, robots or smart-home products, increased by about 150%.

According to the data, in 2016 the best-selling gadget among technology enthusiasts was a device that allows the projection of movies and shows from video streaming applications on TV.

The device also occupies the third position in the top of the most bought tech products by the people last year, being preceded by smartphones.

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There are a large number of people who still confuse household and electronic products, and this is mainly due to the fact that their names are similar. But household appliances are completely different from electronic ones, because they are useful in the household, while electronic ones are not to a very large extent.

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